we value your trust

For us, it is very special when you as a client trust us. We like to un-derstand the needs of clients and the requirements of security topics- so that we can support you in an excellent way.

Custom made security solutions:

Each client and every single company has unique, special requirements for its security. The needs are therefore complex and part of our service offer. At the beginning, we have to get in touch with your individual need for security, all risks and special information. After that, we begin to develop a taylor-made security solution, which is adapted to your needs.


  • security concepts
  • security solutions for companies
  • supervision
  • supervision of embassies
  • VIP event security
  • doorman
  • concierge and reception service


The ongoing education of our employees plays definitely an important role, we rely on longterm partnerships with our employees. When choosing our employees, we use our self-made personal selection method. In addition, all themes concerning security are in our best hands.